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Venus Masci and Reverend Jewel Howard have worked together on many wedding events over the past 20 years.  "Working with Jewel is about the love and light when she does the ceremony."


My photographs reflect my creative vision as they capture the magic of your wedding day and the essence of your personalities. I am passionately committed to documenting your wedding with as much richness of detail as possible, without interrupting or distracting from your very special day. My goal is to co-create a collection of images for you to treasure for years to come.


I prefer the classic look of film for weddings because of the depth and saturation I can obtain. However, I do offer on-line ordering service to provided viewing access for your friends and family.


My services are available in Albuquerque and greater Northern New Mexico.  I offer a number of Wedding Packages designed to meet individual needs and budgets.,  Please Contact me for information regarding price, deposit requirements and availability.






















More About Venus Masci


The inspiration for much of my work comes from the land of New Mexico and its people. Born and raised in Gallup, I now call Taos my home, but it wasn' t until I left home for several years that I fully appreciated its unique beauty: The radiant light and breathtaking landscapes, with adobe walls, white towers of clouds, amazing sunsets, mountain streams providing vistas that go on forever. Visually and spiritually, Taos is a spectacular place to live, visit and create.


During my time away, I earned an Associate Degree in Photography at the Colorado Institute of Art, and worked as a Photographic Assistant. I learned that it takes a certain unique style and extra care to make an exceptional photographer and that there are many ways of solving the challenges that arise. It is this attention to detail, aligned with the photographer' s creativity and inner vision that create extraordinary photographs.


Photographing people in unique environments is my specialty. My fascination with the land and its people has provided the inspiration for most of my work, which include unique portraits of the American Indian in the Southwest, including Navajo Country, Northern Pueblos, and Wounded Knee, South Dakota, which provided my most historic imagery. Some of these photos are produced using photo-montage which involves the superimposition of two or more images during the print process. In this way, I' m able to create the illusion of spirit.


In my Taos Traditions Collection, I created portraits of many local Ancianos, living in perfect harmony with their environment. This body of work was shown at the Ed Sandoval & Ann Huston Studio de Colores, as well as the world-renowned Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos.





Venus Masci Wedding Portfolio


A wedding is an event of the heart. Together we co-create a wedding ceremony or renewal of vows that is an event of the spirit and a celebration of the heart.


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